Frequently Asked Questions


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The aim is to create a vast array of project collaborations that benefit both our ecosystem and the partner ecosystem. For example, if a project wishes to increase adoption/awareness of their token, we can easily create a pool with a predetermined APY yield paid in the partner’s token. Users would simply stake Rocket Bunny or Corlibri (our sister project) into the farm and collect their yield over time. This creates immediate visibility for the partner’s project and new adopters of their project instantaneously. It also allows a new and unique incentive structure for those involved, including our users.

In theory, Rocket Drop will be compatible with any ERC-20 token. That said, stay tuned as we continue to add new pools for you to participate in.

Buying and Staking $BUNNY

If you'd like to participate in Rocket Drop pools, set up a new MetaMask wallet and return to the Rocket Drop tab. From there, you can connect your wallet to the app.

1) Add Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet.

2) Visit Uniswap to swap your Ethereum for $BUNNY. Note: If you see a prompt saying "Trade at your own risk", that's normal. Click I understand then Import.

3) Use the gear icon in the top right of the page and change Slippage to 5%.

4) Enter the amount of Ethereum you would like to swap for $BUNNY and click Confirm Swap.

5) Confirm the transaction in MetaMask when prompted.

Congrats! You are now a proud owner of $BUNNY and can join Rocket Drop.