What is Rocket Drop?

A New Way to Farm, Distribute, and Grow Projects

Rocket Drop is a farming/vault contract that allows users to stake any ERC-20 token into designated pools and obtain yield. What makes this different from other farming contracts is that it allows the creation of pools that pay out in the same token that is staked. Additionally, it allows the creation of farming pools that distribute yield in any other ERC-20 token, even WETH. This allows us to open farming pools for virtually any token quickly and cheaply, all within the same contract.

Watch the announcement video!

Rocket Drop provides 4 key benefits to new project launches:

1) Partners

Sometimes a project wants to increase adoption and/or raise funds. They can open a pool on Rocket Drop and fund the pool with project tokens.

2) Stakers

Rocket Bunny holders can then stake $BUNNY (or $CORLIBRI) in order to farm the partner's tokens. Depending on the pool type, a small fee may be collected.

3) Yield/Fees

Pool fees and yield from staked $BUNNY is collected and transferred to a reserve. Portions of this may be split with the partner. Most will be held for future distribution.

4) Demand

All pools require $BUNNY in order to participate. This creates constant & ever-growing demand for $BUNNY. Good for holders, good for partners.

Ready to Enlist?

Rocket Drop is live, soldier! Click this link, connect your wallet, and start joining pools to receive rewards.

Over and out!